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7:30 AM (angielska)

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15 minut przed Mszą św.

7:00 PM (polska)**
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7:30 AM (angielska)
7:00 PM (polska)

7:30 AM (angielska)
5:30 PM  wigilia niedzieli (angielska)

9:30 AM (angielska)
11:00 AM (polska)


Attention Parents!

b_200_150_16777215_00_images_Roznezdjecia_logo_vert.pngDear Parish Catechetical Leaders, 
The Diversity Bill that was signed into law by Governor Murphy (Bill A4454) last year is being implemented into the NJ Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Curriculum for Public School Students across the state of New Jersey.  
New Jersey Catholic Conference has developed a guide to help Catholic families of public-school students better understand their opt-out rights and how to effectively exercise them. Click here to access the guides in English and Spanish.  It is our understanding that the deadline for parents to opt-out of the curriculum is fast approaching in many school districts.  Therefore, we ask that you share this information with the families in your faith formation programs as soon as possible. 
It is important to note that some of the areas addressed by the curriculum are in line with Gospel values. Therefore, it is important that parents inquire and ask to review the lessons in order to properly determine how and when to exercise their right to opt-out. While it is the responsibility of each local school district to develop the lessons, you can visit the Department of Education - NJ Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Curriculum webpage for more detailed information on the curriculum's goals and objectives. 
Thank you for all you do to accompany and support the families in your parish communities.  
With hope in the LORD,  
Patty Rodriguez
171 Clifton Ave., Newark, NJ 07104
(973) 497-4297 (office) | fax # 973-497-4249

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